¡Buenos Dias! Cafe

We are a Latin-American cuisine in Downtown Atlanta/GSU Campus. We focus on flavor and nutritional value with a variety of options. We pride ourselves on creating unique and tasty dishes to enjoy! Whether you are vegan, or have a gluten-free diet, we have choices for you! We also cater to Breakfast/Lunch/Brunch to parties of all sizes.

Are you a foodtrepreneur?

We're on a mission to help as many small businesses and entrepreneurs as possible. With this comes hard work and long days. Do YOU have what it takes?
Contact us at 404-584-0444 or email ken@buenosdiascafe.com

"Stopped by for breakfast and had such a great experience. Delicious and unique food. Incredibly nice staff. Great coffee. And the best selection of hot sauces I've ever seen."
Diane Kearney
Now serving Pupusas2go

Take home your favorite pupusa to enjoy on the weekend. Sold frozen and packaged, all you have to do is warm them up.

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