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Our core values are FRESH food, NATURAL ingredients, MINIMAL waste & GENUINE interest in our customers and our environment.

Buenos Dias Cafe is a Latino and family owned small business was established in 2012 in South Downtown and GSU. Husband and wife team, Ken and Jeannette Katz together have 40-years of dining and hospitality experience and created an oasis for the Georgia State University students and staff for many years. With food and service inspired by Jeannette’s Salvadorian heritage Buenos Dias Café was an integral part of downtown. Now having emerged in The Met , they have grown to Buenos Dias Café and Pupuseria bringing that same freshness and flavor to Adair Park and West End communities.

The Founders

Jeannette and Ken

Traditional and Delicious

Our pupusas are made with the freshest ingredients and cooked to perfection using traditional Salvadoran recipes. This ensures that every bite is bursting with flavor and authenticity.

Wide variety of fillings

We offer a wide variety of filling with ingredients pick from local markets. The options for our Pupusas, including pork, chicken, beans, cheese, local vegetables and more. This means that there is something for everyone, whether you are a meat lover, vegetarian or vegan.

Friendly and welcoming atmosphere

Warm and welcoming neighborhood spot, the perfect place to discover new culture, new traditions, new food and enjoy a delicious meal with friends and family. Our friendly staff will make sure you have the best we offer from start to finish.

Articles and reviews

La Bodega: This is a little complicated. La Bodega is three food things seemingly crawling toward infinity. It is, foremost (to my mind), a Salvadoran pupuseria. It is a developing Hispanic grocery store (or “bodega”). It also hosts The Window for takeout pop-ups of potentially infinite numbers. Located in the gigantic, old, renovating, artsy, alternative, lovable MET complex in southwest Atlanta, it is the project of Ken and Jeanette Katz, owners of Buenos Dias Café in downtown Atlanta, which they’ve shuttered due to COVID-19.

Creative Loafing

We’re thrilled to introduce you to Jeannette and Ken Katz of Buenos Días Cafe. You may know them from their Salvadorian-inspired eatery downtown or at the MET Atlanta or from getting their pupusas at our Farmers Markets. Tune in to learn about their journey, their dreams for Atlanta’s food system and to learn how to properly eat a pupusa with seasonal salsa!

Community Farmers Markets

“In all honesty, it took us a while to really do it,” said Jeannette Katz, who grew up in the small El Salvador town of Santiago Texacuangos, but never truly mastered the art of shaping and cooking the iconic food. She did, however, inherit the family tendency to practice entrepreneurship, a trait that serves her well as a restaurateur who’s had to adapt her business to suit the times.

The couple started La Bodega as a pop-up in 2019, while running Buenos Dias Cafe, a Decatur Street breakfast and lunch spot whose tacos, Cubanos and quesadillas were popular with the Georgia State University and downtown communities. After the pandemic hit, the Katzes were forced to close 8-year-old Buenos Dias and focus on La Bodega, located in the MET Atlanta development.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Kosher Guacamole

Capitulo Uno: Pupusas

In the heart of Atlanta, a Hispanic woman conquers the palate of the ‘gringos’ with her delicious dishes that make your mouth water

Announcing La Bodega coming soon to the MET from the owner of the beloved @buenosdiascafe. Opening by the end of 2019!

La Bodega by Buenos Dias Cafe walk-up window open! Grab something fresh and delicious before they sell out!

Small Business Owners Chosen to Throw First Pitches at World Series

The couple pivoted, opening up La Bodega in Atlanta’s Adair Park in June 2019, first as a pop-up before going full-time a year ago to serve pupusas, which are healthy Salvadoran corn-based flatbreads, filled with things like cheese and beans.

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